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            Position:Home >> Service >> Service CommitmentService Commitment

              The needs of the customers is the eternal life of the company's work direction and the striving goal, wherever they do everything we can to provide customers high quality products and effective services, in good faith to accept all kinds of comments, Suggestions and complaints, and build a strong and harmonious trust relationship with customers.
            Provide technical documents 
              In a timely manner to provide customers with all the required technical materials and drawings, necessary obligation to participate in technical design review for the user.
            On-site service
              Time according to the requirements of customers to the site for technical service, to guide the user according to the information we supplied by the equipment installation and debugging. 
            Technical interface
              For the user to choose relevant corollary equipment, we take the initiative to provide the proper technical parameters, to meet the requirement of equipment interface conditions and materials.
            The date of delivery
              Supply and demand both sides agree on the supply of products, the supplier guarantee the quantity, quality, delivery on schedule. The whole process of meticulous service to provide the best pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.
            Timely after-sales service
              With the equipment we supplied, if appear quality problem, the user notice within 60 minutes after a clear answer, solution for the user's site, we will send engineers and technicians in the shortest possible time to assist processing.