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            Position:Home >> Sales >> The engineering caseThe engineering case

              Our company strict scientific management, has created a high-quality staff team, high-quality product quality and good after-sales service, develop a broader market. Some of the more well-known units as follows:

             The power industry
            Shandong weiqiao aluminum electric co., LTD
            Huadian jiamusi power generation co., LTD
            Binzhou beihai new materials co., LTD
            Binzhou shore northern new materials co., LTD
            Luneng taishan group south power plant
            Huainan family, I plant
            Inner Mongolia power plant
            Hebei trinity biomass power co., LTD
            Shanxi grain can power generation co., LTD
            Shanxi Province electric power company four JiShan power plant
            Huadian liaoning tieling power plant
            Huadian xinjiang kashgar power generation co., LTD
            Anhui jinyuan thermal power co., LTD
            Heilongjiang mudanjiang second power plant
            Hubei xiangfan power plant
            Sichuan GongXian power plants
            Xinjiang hotan, kratos coal-fired power plants
            Jiangsu at the power plant
            Guizhou province bijie city generous power plant
            Henan jiaozuo power plant electric power company
            Guizhou horse village power plants
            Jiangxi guixi power generation co., LTD
            The second power plant in hefei
            Yulin huitong thermal power co., LTD
            Gezhouba group jinshajiang xiluodu hydropower station
            Water and electricity in four Jin Anqiao hydropower station
            Hydropower fourth fruit bridge hydropower station
            Dan river hydropower fourth projects department
            Water and electricity in four LuXi longjiang hydropower station in yunnan
            Hydropower eight innings of the three gorges down stream project department
            Sand Tuo hydropower station along the river hydropower nine innings
            Water and electricity nine innings guanyin rock hydropower station
            Min river hydropower engineering
            Metallurgical industry
            Shandong taishan iron and steel group co., LTD
            Tangshan iron and steel co., LTD
            Hangang group han bao steel co., LTD
            Maanshan iron and steel group co., LTD
            Guangzhou iron and steel co., LTD
            Jiuquan iron and steel (group) company
            Wuhan iron and steel group co., LTD
            Taiyuan iron and steel group co., LTD
            Shanxi jin steel co., LTD
            Hebei chengde iron and steel co., LTD
            Jiangsu shagang group co., LTD
            Jiangxi at iron and steel co., LTD
            Jiangsu long strong steel co., LTD
            Zhejiang quzhou yuan metal products co., LTD
            Shandong aluminum industry co., LTD
            Hebei Qiu Shunda smelting casting co., LTD
            Shandong laiwu yong feng steel co., LTD
            Anyang iron and steel group co., LTD
            Tangshan abundant iron and steel co., LTD
            Fujian sanming iron and steel co., LTD
            Fujian sanjin iron and steel co., LTD
            Fujian million xin steel co., LTD
            Jincheng fu sheng steel co., LTD
            Yuxi xian fu steel co., LTD
            Yuxi jade kunming iron and steel co., LTD
            Yuxi remit creek metal casting products co., LTD
            Hebei professional iron and steel group co., LTD
            Jiangxi copper group co., LTD
            Qinghai west copper industry co., LTD
            Shandong shouguang ju can special steel co., LTD
            Rich in tongling, anhui xin steel co., LTD
            Anhui wuhu fu xin steel co., LTD 
            The mining industry
            Shandong gold group hui xin gold mine
            Shandong gold group jiaojia gold mine
            Shandong gold group coal mine
            Shandong gold group gold three mountain island
            Shandong gold group linglong gold mine
            Shandong gold group xincheng gold mine
            Shandong gold group lacey gold mine
            Hadad al mountain gold mining co., LTD
            Shandong dongping into mining co., LTD
            Shanxi Jin Decheng letter mining co., LTD
            Masteel nanshan mining (group) co., LTD
            Masteel (group) the peach at mining co., LTD
            Masteel (group) the gu shan mining co., LTD
            Sinosteel chifeng jinxin mining co., LTD
            Dragon mining co., LTD. Ming hui tong concentrator
            Shandong shanda mining co., LTD
            Gansu province daye geological mining co., LTD
            Chifeng mountain gold and silver lead co., LTD
            Yanzhou mining group co., LTD
            Linfen booz kay mining co., LTD
            Taiyuan dongshan iron and steel group mining co., LTD
            Xinjiang tianlong mining co., LTD
            Grass floor cultivation group mining co., LTD
            Anhui HongXinYuan mining co., LTD
            Anhui big prosperous mining group
            Anhui kay mining co., LTD
            Xinjiang figure attash built treasure mining company
            Deyang fujian dehua mining co., LTD
            Anhui LuJiang Long Qiao mining co., LTD
            Xinjiang nonferrous metal chrome gold mining industry group
            Shandong cheonan mining co., LTD
            Ma on shan xin mining co., LTD
            Glass, paper making industry
            Zhejiang daming glass co., LTD
            Avic sanxin solar photovoltaic glass co., LTD
            Zhejiang jiaxing jia fu glass co., LTD
            Jiangsu pilkington glass co., LTD
            The asahi glass (foshan) glass co., LTD
            Shanghai yao hua glass co., LTD
            Mingda glass of fujian (xiamen) co., LTD
            Fujian qingshan paper industry co., LTD
            Anqing Yangtze river glass co., LTD
            Anqing observatory glass co., LTD
            Zhejiang glass co., LTD
            Chengdu south glass glass co., LTD
            Shandong China crystal glass co., LTD
            Shandong blue glass glass (weihai) co., LTD
            APP (hainan), white pulp &paper co., LTD
            Yue YuanJiang paper paper group co., LTD
            Yue paper group, the xiangjiang river paper co., LTD
            Nanning jin da xing paper co., LTD
            Agricultural reclamation of guangxi sugar industry co., LTD
            Phoenix in guangxi sugar paper co., LTD
            Xinjiang agency WeiYe co., LTD
            Xinjiang bazhou kay into WeiYe co., LTD
            Port industry
            Zhangjiagang shengtai harbor
            Zhangjiagang guangzhou hongtai wharf
            Zhangjiagang double lion wharf
            Tenglong special resin (xiamen) 13 # pier
            Port of fuzhou luoyuan bay terminal co., LTD
            Huaneng (fujian) harbour co., LTD
            CCCC second on shipping engineering co., LTD
            Rizhao port group co., LTD
            Qinhuangdao port co., LTD
            Lianyungang port group of three companies
            Lianyungang port group four
            Wuhu port of yulin xikou dock
            Anqing port company
            Jinzhou port co., LTD
            Shantou port group co., LTD
            Zhenjiang port group co., LTD
            Tianjin port coal terminal co., LTD
            Nantong port group co., LTD
            Wuhan port group co., LTD
            Chongqing wanzhou port group
            The chemical industry
            Sinopec qilu branch
            Sinopec jiujiang branch
            Sinopec anqing branch
            CNPC ningxia branch
            Nanjing chemical group co., LTD
            Tongling chemical industry group,
            Yidu reach xingfa chemical co., LTD
            Shandong energy machinery group
            China coal ordos energy chemical industry co., LTD
            Jiangsu united peak energy equipment co., LTD
            Fujian DE - energy co., LTD
            Fujian ding letter nickel industry co., LTD
            Henan righteousness horse gas gasification plant
            Xinjiang new energy chemical industry co., LTD
            Anhui SiErTe tang co., LTD
            Yankuang guotai chemical co., LTD
            North shaanxi yuan chemical co., LTD
            Baoshan YunWei organic chemical co., LTD
            Shandong hengsheng chemical co., LTD. Shandong China 
            Shandong Zhonglian Chemical co., LTD
            Shaanxi Jintai chlor-alkali Chemical Industry co., LTD
            Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical co., LTD
            Zhejiang Jiahua Group co., LTD
            Hunan ZhuZhou Chemical Group co., LTD
            Anhui Huaihua Chemical Group co., LTD
            Henan Duofuduo Chemical co., LTD
            Lunan Chemical Fertilizer Plant co.LTD of Ningxia
            Shandong Luxi Chemical co., LTD
            Henan Baililian Chemical co., LTD
            Ningxia Luxi Chemical Fertilizer co., LTD
            Yunnan Xuanwei Phosphorus Electric co., LTD
            Shaowu Fujian Yongfei Chemical co., LTD
            Anqing City States Dragon Chemical co., LTD
            Building materials industry
            Red lion holding group co., LTD
            Anhui conch group co., LTD
            Tianrui Xiao Xian Cement Group co., LTD
            Zhejiang Xindu co., LTD
            Hubei century Xinfeng Built Leishan Cement co., LTD
            Sichuan Dujiangyan Lafarge Cement co., LTD
            Shanxi JiGang cement co., LTD
            Zhejiang dichroa cement co., LTD
            Hainan huasheng tianya cement co., LTD
            Jiangsu crane Lin cement co., LTD
            Ningxia YingHai building materials group co., LTD
            Hubei tangyan gezhouba cement co., LTD
            Hubei province huaxiang cement co., LTD
            Tuen mun river in xinjiang group five palace cement co., LTD
            Jisco group hongda building materials co., LTD
            Lanzhou chase river cement co., LTD
            Huaxin cement co., LTD
            Zhejiang peak daye cement co., LTD
            Anhui east nest cement co., LTD
            Guangxi fish peak cement co., LTD
            Qilian mountain in gansu province cement co., LTD
            Wuhu credit suisse cement co., LTD
            Sichuan brocade screen cement co., LTD
            Qinghai hercynian chemical building materials co., LTD
            Fujian longyan SanDe cement co., LTD
            Zhejiang vibration large cement co., LTD
            Anhui tiepeng seal cement co., LTD
            Anhui Jin He cement co., LTD
            Guangxi Mingyan special cement co., LTD
            Coking industry
            Boxing  power supply co., LTD
            FuKangShi taihua coal tar chemical co., LTD
            Yunnan Dawei coke co., LTD
            Tongling New Yaxing coking co., LTD
            Xisheng coal coking co., LTD
            Handan iron and steel co., LTD., hangang coking plant
            Xinchang south coking chemical co., LTD
            Xinjiang DaHuangShan accer coking co., LTD
            Shaanxi and shanxi coke chemical co., LTD
            Anhui melt in the coking co., LTD
            Shandong gold can coal co., LTD
            Shanxi coking co., LTD
            Yaxin coal in shanxi coking co., LTD
            Ying xian, shanxi coking co., LTD
            The ancient county in shanxi JinYu coking co., LTD
            Shanxi pingyao peak rock coking co., LTD
            The wuhai rongping xin coking co., LTD
            Yunnan honghe coal coking co., LTD
            Guizhou changfeng coking co., LTD
            Xinjiang fukang Kang Boda coking co., LTD
            Yinchuan LeFuNing coking co., LTD
            Tianjin is fengyuan coke develop co., LTD
            Tangshan abundant south changfeng coking co., LTD
            Jiangxi pingxiang hong source coking co., LTD
            Jingdezhen coking factory
            Shandong iron male coking co., LTD
            The sea coal coking co., LTD
            Henan WoHuShan coking co., LTD
            Qujing jinxin coking co., LTD
            Heating industry
            Guangzhou HengYun heating power co., LTD
            Urumqi huayuan heating company
            Xinjiang karamay heating company
            Xinjiang fukang Kang Shenlong heating power company
            Xinjiang altay blue sky heating company
            Xinjiang BaGuHu heating power co., LTD
            Xinjiang petroleum administration bureau boiler heating system
            Urumqi high-tech zone heating power company
            Xinjiang hualing group heating company
            Light industries
            Fujian Shao Wufu forest product co., LTD
            Yunnan shennong feed co., LTD
            Yunnan maitreya sugar industry co., LTD
            In which cnsic dongxin co., LTD
            Shandong cathay biotechnology co., LTD
            Fujian shun cheong rich treasure industrial co., LTD
            Unilever (hefei) co., LTD
            Rob lake potash co., LTD
            Calcium industry co., LTD. Anhui east
            Shanxi FengXi tang (group) co., LTD
            Ningxia Iraq biological engineering co., LTD
            Other industries
            Hubei yidu reach mechanical and electrical engineering co., LTD
            Jiangsu haian sea co., LTD
            Zaozhuang new blue sky fly ash development co., LTD
            Nanjing longpan conveying machinery factory
            Nanjing feida conveying machinery factory
            Jiangxi xingang machinery manufacturing co., LTD
            Jiangxi XingLin machine manufacturing co., LTD
            Nanjing three automatic control equipment co., LTD
            Fujian sanming tongli machine co., LTD
            Shandong laiwu coal mining machinery co., LTD
            Jiangsu HaiAnXian jung dragon machinery manufacturing co., LTD
            Shenzhen grand automation equipment co., LTD
            Hangzhou bo yu machinery co., LTD
            Hebei tangshan community coal preparation technology co., LTD
            Shenyang environmental protection technology co., LTD. In the early morning
            Zhonghao in the xinjiang international trading co., LTD