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            Take the path of specialization, "new" and promote the core competitivenessDate:2016-10-22 Hits:810

             On October 19, 2016, anhui letter by the development of small and medium-sized (2016) no. 2016 published \"on the anhui province small and medium-sized enterprises' specialization, new 'list of notification\" : as eternal machinery co., LTD in anhui for the 2016 \"specialization, the new\" small and medium-sized enterprises in anhui province.

            Anhui eternal machinery co., LTD., from the beginning of creation has been focused on the development of belt conveyor design, production and sales and installation services. In the process of enterprise development, attaches great importance to establish the modern corporate culture, improve employees' comprehensive quality, enhance the cohesion of employees, motivate employee entrepreneurial innovation enthusiasm.

            Innovation is the driving force and source of enterprise development. Always adhere to technological innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation, and achieved fruitful results, accumulated rich management experience. Around the national industrial development policy, and continuously developed to adapt to the market environment, to adapt to customer expectations of new equipment, new products in recent years won three patents of invention, utility model patents, new products at the provincial level 3, two achievements won the \"top 100\" Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise innovation. On the management, to reduce the production cost, improve product quality, increase staff get feeling, exchanging technology introducing new kinetic energy, improve work efficiency. In marketing, the use of the Internet and the third party platform, reduce marketing costs, improve economic benefit and social benefit.

            The company will, as always, adhere to the \"new\" specialization, development way, boutique high-end products, intelligent manufacture, specialized marketing services, and continuously improve enterprise core competitiveness, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises, realize the enterprise steady development to a new level.

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