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            Won the "2015 China top 100 small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) innovation" titleDate:2015-10-07 Hits:1208

             24 - September 25, 2015, the ninth festival was held in changchun, China's small and medium-sized enterprises (smes). Anhui eternal machinery co., LTD., won the "2015 China top 100 small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) innovation".


            The ninth festival opening ceremony, Chinese small and medium enterprises, vice chairman of the standing committee of the tenth National People's Congress, gu expressed warm congratulations for the enterprise section and delivered a speech. She said, only small and medium-sized enterprises increase our capacity for independent innovation, cultivate independent brands, with more intellectual property rights, to achieve sustainable development. She hopes to develop small and medium-sized enterprises stimulated people progressive corporate culture, create favorable talent to grow good environment and conditions, constantly learning and USES the domestic and foreign advanced management concept, methods and means, promote management innovation and system innovation, improve market competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, further adjust and optimize the product structure, vigorously carry out clean production, saving production and safety production.


            The 11th CPPCC national committee vice chairman bai lichen said in his speech, the broad masses of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to enhance the sensitivity of the policy, and pay more attention to the strategic deployment of a deep understanding of the CPC central committee on economic work, seize the opportunity of deepening reform in full, in scientific and technological innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation and other aspects, make full use of all sorts of innovation resources, to build their own enterprise innovation wings, to promote enterprise development to upgrade.


            China association of small and medium enterprises Li Zibin as "economic movements of macro policy and enterprise innovation under the new normal transformation" as the keynote speech. Enterprises should adapt to the new normal, speed up the transformation of innovation development of the enterprise, entrepreneurs to "potential". Try to let the enterprise own development trend of "small" in national development strategy of "trend". Pushing new urbanization construction, made in China, 2025, Internet + operations, strategy, etc., all the way possess the unlimited opportunities of the development of the enterprise innovation transition. Entrepreneurs should constantly learning, and gradually master the industry combined with financial, technology and capital of combining ability. In this way, firms will be smooth.


            The meeting around the nearly thousand enterprises represents around all the way "area" "Internet +" a discussion on some hot topics, to seek "new normal" down the road to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes).

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