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            Twelve years in a row was rated as Date:2015-09-24 Hits:1183

            Anhui eternal machinery co., LTD. 2013-2014 in anhui province administration for industry and commerce enterprise \"guard the heavy reputation of contract\" and awarded the bronze medal, it's twelve years in a row was rated as \"credible unit contract\".


            \"To the quality strives for the survival, to management for development\", \"sincerity and trust, in order to take good reputation\" of the enterprise business philosophy has always been a eternal machinery co., LTD insist in anhui, also have been doing so. In the daily company operation and management activities, to honesty, quality, seriously fulfill each contract, in the society, also enjoys a good reputation in the customers, established long-term cooperative relationship with many customers, but also has obtained the remarkable economic benefits.

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