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            Professor wei-gang song was invited to our company to do technical guidanceDate:2015-07-24 Hits:1140


            On July 20, 2015, at the invitation of eternal machinery co., LTD., anhui, northeast university doctoral tutor professor wei-gang song to my company to do the report, and technical communication. Report in the conference room of the company, he from abroad and domestic development status of belt conveyor, belt conveyor in coal mine technical requirements and standards of the belt conveyor in our country and abroad, main material belt conveyor design resistance calculation, key technology for horizontal turning allow it a open-pit coal mine belt conveyor equipment, deep trough belt conveyor capacity calculation and so on has carried on the detailed introduction. Before the meeting, he accompanied by the leadership of the company to the field to understand process and production situation. Report after the meeting and attend the meeting personnel belt conveyor of the problems in the design and use of the site.
            Professor wei-gang song in 1988, graduated from mechanical engineering northeastern university with a master's degree, a doctorate in engineering in 1996. The northeastern university professor in the school of mechanical engineering and automation, northeastern university, deputy director of the machinery and electronics research institute. Director of China logistics association, vice President of logistics engineering branch of mechanical engineering institute of liaoning province, Chinese mechanical engineering society, standing director of logistics engineering branch, the continuous handling machinery standardization technical committee, director of China heavy machinery industry association branch of belt conveyor. At present mainly engaged in modern logistics technology and equipment, electromechanical integration technology and robot kinematics, dynamics and control of the teaching and research work. Has published more than 100. Preside over or participate in, including the national natural science fund projects more than 20 research projects. Publishing books, textbooks, translation of more than 20. Was awarded the first prize for science and technology progress prize in liaoning province and the second prize of the China machinery industry science and technology prize and so on many scientific research reward.
            Professor wei-gang song is China's important belt conveyor field experts, long-term commitment to bulk material transporting and handling equipment of mechanical and electrical system design work. More valuable is that his research results to industry has a high rate. Over the years, he design of the belt conveyor system created incalculable value for many enterprises.
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