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            Anqing municipal committee, tongcheng municipal party committee secretary Hu Gongbing a line to the Date:2015-06-05 Hits:1257

            On March 4, 2015 in the afternoon, anqing municipal committee, tongcheng Hu Gongbing secretary of municipal party committee and municipal leaders Pan Guiya, director of the Long Mian streets, secretary of the party working shi-xin zhu, Kevin pang came to inspect our company research and so on a line. Chairman of the board of directors of the company yong-sheng xu reception and accompanied him. Hu a row out of the car went into the factory, in-depth workshop, walk while listen to company was introduced. Report to hu yong-sheng xu, chairman of the present situation and development plan, the company secretary hu walk while watching listening to, and encourage entrepreneurs will continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit, seize the opportunity to seek greater development.

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