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            Carey, vice President David kay lance to visit our companyDate:2015-06-05 Hits:1295

            On the afternoon of February 3, 2015, my company has a group of special guests, from kerry mining equipment technology (Beijing) co., LTD., vice President David Mr Rand and related personnel.


            David rand, vice President, and people to visit our company, chairman of the board of directors of the company yong-sheng xu had a cordial reception, and held friendly talks. Yong-sheng xu, chairman of the company's development, the company structure, corporate planning, company advantage as well as the design of belt conveyor, development to the whole process of production has made the detailed introduction. David rand, vice President of conveyor product or technology focused questions, chairman of the board of directors and technology center, the researchers gave the answer one by one. After the chairman yong-sheng xu led David rand, vice President and others to the company, the relevant departments and workshop production line view.


            The investigation, both sides negotiate, David rand, vice President of our company to give a high praise, and expressed the desire of the cooperation, seek common development. Before concluding, yong-sheng xu David rand, vice President, and chairman of the board of directors and people taking pictures as a souvenir.

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