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            Position:Home >> Hr >> Talent ConceptTalent Concept

              The company has always given prominence to the people-oriented, vigorously implement the strategy of talent development, insist on the idea of talents first, recruiting talents, development potential employees, give full play to the initiative enthusiasm of employees, with preferential treatment, excellent environment to attract talent, develop talent. In the process of the candidates, the ability to work to meet the requirements of the job by the personal moral quality conform to the requirements of the company overall values for, based on the future development of the enterprise to talent identification and introduction.
              In the process of choose and employ persons, the priority of having both ability and political integrity of a management and important post, at the same time to provide stage show his abilities to each employee, create opportunities for learning, development and promotion. Adhere to a talented person, bold hire, have, not only to xiao yong, the talented person without virtue, resolute don't.
              For enterprise development, in order to make the enterprise staff's professional quality and skills to meet the company development strategy and the need of human resource development planning, the company established a complete set of "training management system" and "annual training plan", each year into a certain income proportion of funds for training, the employees in a planned and systematic training, achieve the goal of the company and the employee common development to improve.